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A, sign road electric products of bending resistance, the product has good tensile, carry carry kneading, corrosion 
A, continuous product development, continuous quality assurance, extensive sales channels
B syndrome, ten years focused on&nb
A syndrome, circuitelectricity has 1 national invention patents, 1 utility model patents, patent 3
B, composite fiber&nb
To Meet The Personalized Needs
A, provide the best and efficient customer service, the best-selling products at home and abroad market, in coopera
To Meet The Personalized Needs
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          Shenzhen Jingbo mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.is the production of hybrid stepper motors, stepper motor driver and controller of the professional manufacturers, after years of effort, the company from the dull variety, matching the nature of the company developed into a strong self-study, development capabilities, the product coverage of stepper motors, drives, control systems and control devices support series of four series of more than a dozen companies.Products have been widely used in CNC machine tools, laser engraving, embroidery, textile printing, packaging machinery, marking machine, engraving machine, winding machines, coordinate measuring machines, XYZ three-dimensional tables, robots, medical equipment, ceramic machinery, etc. in. The company continued to introduce and cultivate high-level technical staff, to increase product research and development efforts to ensure the sustainable development of the factory, their competitive edge. It now has a mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer software, excellent high-level multi-disciplinary professional engineering workforce. Has been the latest microcontroller, DSP, CPLD and other high-tech applied to stepper motor drivers, controllers and other products.

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AskStepper motor and deceleration control method?
AnswerStepper motor can only be controlled by digital si.[Detailed]
AskSlow step motor use physics design?
AnswerSlow step motor analysis of transformer, the relat.[Detailed]
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